Paint Pockets Aerospace Filtration Systems

Effectively eliminate chromate overspray by selecting one of three economical Paint Pockets Aerospace Filtration Systems. These systems are the only factory certified aerospace filtration systems to utilize the patented Paint Pockets overspray arrestors as their first-stage. Use of the Paint Pockets as the first-stage extends the life of our final stage filter due to Paint Pockets higher efficiency and high holding capacity. Below are answers to some common questions regarding our Aerospace Filtration Systems.


Doesn't the EPA require a three-stage filtration system for new sources?

NO. Per the Federal Register Document 40 CFR Parts 9 & 63, section II, subsection G, paragraph 2: "The agency (EPA) also purposed that new sources meet the filtration efficiency data points for the three-stage system that was tested. Specifically, the agency purposed requiring owners or operators of new sources to use particulate filters that are certified under §63.750 (o) to meet or exceed the efficiency data in tables 3 & 4 of §63.745 (developed from the three-stage filtering system). These new filtration requirements reflect a performance based standard rather than specified equipment, thus allowing more flexibility for affected sources to comply with the NESHAP." Performance, not equipment, is the only stated requirement.

Can I use your PPM-319 XL filtration system in a new installation?

YES, independent laboratory testing proves that Paint Pockets two-stage PPM 319 XL filtration system exceeds the performance requirements of EPA method 319 for new installations. However, for those individuals still concerned that they must use 3 filters, we recommend putting 2 layers of Paint Pockets in front of our PPM 319 XL bag filter. Then, at first-stage change-out time, rotate the second Paint Pockets to the first position and install the new Paint Pockets in the second position, thereby fully utilizing the holding capacity available in each Paint Pockets filter. In current three-stage systems, where the second-stage is left in place, any previously captured finish retained by the second stage creates additional pressure drop that shortens the life expectancy for the newly installed first-stage.

How is holding capacity related to the cost of using a filtration system?

Holding capacity is a measurement of the life of a filter. The higher the holding capacity the longer the filter can remain in the booth before it needs to be changed. Fewer filter changes mean fewer dollars spent, especially when you consider the cost of labor to change filters and the cost of disposing of the used filters. When comparing 319 filtration systems you should look at the efficiency and the holding capacity of each filter in the system. For example, independent test results show that the holding capacity of the Paint Pockets arrestor on Dexter paint is 1198 grams/2.64 pounds per 20" x 20" pad. The competitive system shown below does not have this much holding capacity in its first 2 stages combined. The Paint Pockets 6 pocket PPM 319 XL bag has a holding capacity of 1599 grams/3.53 pounds of overspray per 20" x 20" cell - almost 3 times the holding capacity of the competitor's Stage #3 filter. Furthermore, Paint Pockets high efficiency allows only 6 grams of overspray to pass through it to the bag filter. The independent test data suggest that you would need to change out the PPM 319 XL bag only after you had changed-out the Paint Pockets more than 250 times. Let's compare filtration systems:

  Company A 319 System Paint Pockets M-319 XL System
Stage #1 410 grams 1198 grams
Stage #2 423 grams N/A
Stage #3 587 grams 1599 grams
Total 1420 grams 2797 grams

Paint Pockets M-319 XL System has almost double the holding capacity of Company A's system and uses only 2 filters instead of 3.

Why is efficiency important for the filters in front of the final filter?

It is the final filter that allows a system to pass the Method 319 testing. This capability carries a high cost. The purpose of the filters upstream of the final filter is to protect the final filter from as much overspray as possible. The more efficient the filters in front of the final filter, the smaller the amount of overspray reaching the final filter and the longer the final filter will last. Paint Pockets overspray arrestor is the ultimate first-stage filter because its high efficiency and its unique three-dimensional design allows the filter to stay longer and still provide excellent protection to the filter behind it.

This extended life bag filter has a higher holding capacity than typical final stage bag filters. Used in tandem with Paint Pockets patented overspray arrestor, this two-stage system meets the new installation requirements for Method 319 (test results available) making it the most economical way to manage chromate overspray.


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