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Paint Pockets
Paint Pockets Green
Aerospace / Method 319
"Zipper"™ Mounting System
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To inquire on a specific size(s) please check the appropriate part number.

 Part No.SizeDescription
PP-FLEXCell-020-02020" x 20"FLEXCell Kit, each
PP-FLEXCell-020-02520" x 25"FLEXCell Kit, each
PPEGV_202015.1520" x 20" x 15"PPG ESP, 15
PPEOV_202015.1220" x 20" x 15"PP ESP, 12
PPEHV_202015.1020" x 20" x 15"HEPPA ESP, 10
PPEGV_202515.1520" x 25" x 15"PPG ESP, 15
PPEOV_202515.1220" x 25" x 15"PP ESP, 12
PPEHV_202515.1020" x 20" x 15"HEPPA ESP, 10
PP-020-020-03020"x20"Pads, 30/Case
PP-020-025-03020"x25"Pads, 30/Case
PP-024-050-00124"x50'Blanket, 1/Pkg.
PP-030-050-00130"x50'Blanket, 1/Pkg.
PP-036-050-00136"x50'Blanket, 1/Pkg.
PP-040-050-00140"x50'Blanket, 1/Pkg.
PP-045-050-00145"x50'Blanket, 1/Pkg.
PP-048-050-00148"x50'Blanket, 1/Pkg.
PP-060-050-00160"x50'Blanket, 1/Pkg.
PPG-020-020-04020"x20"Pads, 40/Case
PPG-020-025-04020"x25"Pads, 40/Case
PPG-030-060-00130"x60'Blanket, 1/Pkg.
PPG-036-060-00136"x60'Blanket, 1/Pkg.
PPG-048-060-00148"x60'Blanket, 1/Pkg.
PPG-060-060-00160"x60'Blanket, 1/Pkg.
PPM-319 XLBag Filter

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