Take back control of your spray booth!

The industry's first true wireless, high-capacity, flexible filtration system.


FLEX™ delivers up to 15 times more life than traditional filter pads


Savvy sprayers know that no two spraying applications are alike and that when filters are full, they're full... You have to change them. Doesn't matter whether it's the middle of the night, middle of a shift or just a couple of hours from the weekend... filters tell YOU when to shut down.

Well, no more! Whether you choose a full set of ESP (Extended Surface Pads) for maximum production time between filter changes, or a mixture of ESP and standard pads to target a specific change-out schedule... CONTROL IS NOW YOURS!

With triple the media of traditional pads and the real world proven capability of Paint Pockets® exclusive, patented, Diamond Pockets Technology™ (delivering 3-5 times more holding capacity per square foot of media)...

FLEX CELL™ Grid (empty)

FLEX ESP's (clean)

FLEX ESP's (loaded)

FLEX with ESP lets you finish up to 15 times more product between filter changes yet mixes and matches with pads to meet your scheduling needs.

FLEX reduces hot spots

Strategic placement virtually eliminates hot spots where sprayed buildup is a problem. Use FLEX ESP where you need them most, maximizing spray time while minimizing wasted time changing filters.

View From Back

View From Back

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FLEX uses ESP to I-M-P-R-O-V-E your finishing/spraying department

I mprove Air Flow
M aximize production time between filter changes
P revent excessive filter change-out costs
R educe cost of partially used filter media
O rganize filter changes to match your schedule
V irtually no filter bypass (Uses patented ZIPPER™ mounting channels)
E ngineer these advantages for each finish type
Paint Pockets Green 99.43%
Paint Pockets Original 99.84%
Paint Pockets HEPPA™* 99.90%
FLEXCell & Zip-It-2

Paint Pockets® FLEXCell™ & ESP (Extended Surface Pads):

Part No. Description Quantity per Case
PP-FLEXCell-020-020* 20" x 20" FLEXCell Kit Each
PP-FLEXCell-020-025* 20" x 25" FLEXCell Kit Each
PPEGV_202015.15 20" x 20" x 15" PPG ESP 15
PPEOV_202015.12 20" x 20" x 15" PP ESP 12
PPEHV_202015.10 20" x 20" x 15" HEPPA ESP 10
PPEGV_202515.15 20" x 25" x 15" PPG ESP 15
PPEOV_202515.12 20" x 25" x 15" PP ESP 12
PPEHV_202515.10 20" x 20" x 15" HEPPA ESP 10
PP-ZIP-IT-2 Flex Cell Installation Tool 1

Special sizes are available when ordered in sufficient quantities. Contact us for more information.

Custom Frames Available - Industrial Flat Lines

Converting from Pads to Rolls Pays HUGE Dividends!

Click here to found out how converting your booth from pads to rolls can save your company money, and how Paint Pockets® makes the process easy.


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