Converting from Pads to Rolls pays huge dividends.


Converting your booth from pads to rolls can save your company money. And Paint Pockets® makes the process easy.

Modifying from 20 inch by 20 inch or 20 inch by 25 inch Pads to Rolls using a custom engineered Paint Pockets Zipper™ System will result in 65% reduction in bypass potential. Let's take a closer look.

Let's look at the booth to the right as an example. Each 20" by 20" Pad has the potential of 80 inches of bypass. This booth uses 20 pads. That's 1600 inches of potential bypass.

Compare that to the Paint Pockets Zipper Mounting System™ with 40" by 100" blankets. For the same area, only two blankets are needed. That's 560 inches compared to 1600 inches of potential bypass. A reduction of 2/3!

When you combine the substantial reduction in edge area with the improved holding capabilities of the zipper system, you will virtually eliminate bypass!

Switching from Pads to Rolls will also decrease your shipping expense of your filters by up to 60%.

Converting will also dramatically cut down the time needed to change your filters. Typically the time to install clean filters and take down the used filters is reduced by 50%. That means your booth is back in operation faster allowing you to spray more parts. And since Paint Pocket Filters will last three times longer than paper filters, your company will save money that goes beyond the cost of the filters.

Reduced Bypass, Easier Installation, Quicker Filter Change-Out, Save on Freight.

With the additional Paint Pockets Diamond Pocket™ Advantage you'll also experience:

  • Few Filter changes,
  • Reduced Downtime, and
  • Increased Production time

When you add it all up, Upgrading to the Paint Pockets Patented Zipper Mounting System is the right choice for your company.


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