Rawlings Sporting Goods Finishing Operation

Thank you for making such a great and affordable product. We here at the Rawlings Sporting goods custom football and baseball helmet paint department couldn't be happier with your Paint Pockets Green filters. I know we will definitely never go back to our old 1" single stage poly pads ever again!

It all started one day when I thought to myself, "There has got to be a better paint filter out there than these junky one's I'm using now!" So I got on the internet and did a Google image search for paint filters and there you were. I went to your website and ordered the free trial case of filters and the rest is history.

I think that the best thing about these filters is they're huge loading capacity. They just keep loading and loading and yet somehow still maintain great airflow through the life of the filter. Also, compared to our old filters, Paint Pockets last between 5 and 10 times longer, but only cost about half as much! We're spending only 5% of what we used to. So, when we used to spend $20, we're only spending only about $1 now!

Thanks Paint Pockets!

Your happy customer,

Brian Lawrence
Custom Paint Lead


The quality of your product makes a world of difference when it comes to the flow of the air in the spraybooth, and last five times longer than the others filters out there on the on the market. The easy install and not to mention no more metal grills to put on to hold the filter in place, they fit perfect and go on and off easy. The filters you guys make really do make a big difference. Thanks for everything.

Seth Boldman
Aggressive Designs - aggressivedesigns.com

"I have tried other exhaust filters in the past and they either clogged up or didn't allow enough air flow. Even my jobber didn't have a solution for this persistent problem. But a representative from Paint Pockets® came to my shop and told me he'd let me try their product at no cost and what did I have to lose. So we installed them and...Wow!..was I amazed at how well the air flowed and the flash time on waterborne paints decreased. During a routine AQMD inspection, I showed the filters to the inspector and he said he'd never seen them before, but commented on the fact that when he entered my booth, he couldn't even smell the paint on the car I just sprayed! That's how well these filters work. I also noticed dust and foreign particles decreased significantly, which meant less de-nibbing and polishing on production work. Paint Pockets® also traps more overspray than the fiberglass filters I'd been using, so now my exhaust stack stays cleaner, as well.


I believe it's only a matter of time before all paint shops will be required to use filters that are more efficient at capturing paint and overspray from the air. I can use any filter out there, but for my paint jobs, I need the best I can get and Paint Pockets® delivers to help me get the job done!"

Mitch Lanzini
Lanzini Body Works - lanzinibodyworks.com

"We have used Paint Pockets from day one in our new booth and are very pleased with their performance."

Tim Barnes
Mosa Extreme Sports

"Before Paint Pockets, we changed our filters every 7 to 10 days... with Paint Pockets we replace the filters after 10 weeks of use."

Rodney Morris
Production Manager
Southern California Auto Auction

"I am very pleased with the performance of Paint Pockets. It is everything you advertise it to be."

Arthur Sprinkle
Bar Harbor Auto Body, Inc.
Pasadena, MD

"My customers' labor costs were reduced because Paint Pockets lasted between 3 to 4 times longer than the competitive filters."

Brian Kretsch
Sales Engineer
Midway Industrial Supply
Minneapolis, MN

"The filters hold up under our paint demand very well and change over is a lot less of a headache and much cleaner."

Duane Smith
Martin Sprocket & Gear Inc. Clarksville, TX


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